Family Ministries

A Ladies Bible study is a place to come, share, and learn together. Please join us each Tuesday (or whichever Tuesday you can) from 9:30 to 11:00 AM. We are a "low key" group with a broad range of attendees, from young moms, through those of us in the middle years, to some dear older women, who have storehouses of wisdom and experiences to share. Come for prayer, fellowship, treats and coffee, but above all, a blessed time studying the Word of God. A nursery is provided. We meet in the Toddler Nursery/K4 classroom.

Adult Activities
(These are scheduled prior to the Sunday Night Service at 6:00.) * Adult Choir Practice: starts at 4:45 PM. * Learning (American) Sign Language Class: Weekly free lessons start at 5:00 PM. * Other classes (scheduled at this same time) may include a New Christian's Class, a Young Parent's Class, or some other specialty class (such as a study in one of the books of the Bible). Watch for special announcements regarding these classes.