Construction Photos

Work continues on the new construction at WBC.

The giant hole in front of the building now resembles a room (inside a giant hole), and you can begin to see the first buds of the fruit born of patience and persistence.

This series of pictures was taken over a couple weeks, and you can see some of the progress made in them.

Remain in prayer for the construction workers, the factulty, and WBC members as we all navigate this challenge together.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

We just uploaded a video of the groundbreaking ceremony held after the morning service on June 4. If you missed the service or the Facebook live feed, take a look!

Building Project: Ground Breaking!

The WBC congregation held a groundbreaking ceremony to kick of the building project for 2017.

Here is a selection of photos taken by Katie Paulson at the event. Come back this week for the full audio of Pastor Poorman's sermon, "Necessities for a Building Program" and a video of the groundbreaking.

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Building Project Update

More details will be forthcoming, but Lord willing, we are looking at Sunday, June 4, for a groundbreaking ceremony that will be held after the morning service. Be watching your mail in the coming days for more information!

Service Times

9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM "B" Sunday School
10:45 AM Morning Service
5:00 PM Children's Program
6:00 PM Evening Service
7:00 PM Evening Service
All services are interpreted for the hearing impaired.