Another year has passed. Another year lies before us. We certainly cannot go back and change anything that took place in 2015. However, a new year provides opportunities for us to make choices and decisions that will honor the Lord, be a help to our family, and be a blessing to others. As the song writer wrote, "I know not what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." Our present and our future is secure in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

 A quick search of scripture reveals that the phrase, "Be not afraid" is found 28 times in 26 verses. The phrase "fear not" occurs 63 times! In a day of uncertainty, fear, and incredible change in our world, the Word of God exhorts us to place our trust and confidence in the God of Heaven. Looking around there is desperation; looking up there is hope!

In a world of moral decay, where Christianity is attacked from all sides, God's people need to be courageous. This is the theme for our church this year; that we will, by God's grace, be courageous in our homes, our workplace, our neighborhoods, and wherever we might be. Throughout the year, we will be reminded of Biblical characters of courage. They have set the example. It is possible to be courageous in very difficult days.

It will not be easy or popular to be a fundamentalist who believes in the authority of the Bible. Woodcrest Baptist Church may be subject to ridicule and opposition because of our stand on the doctrines of God's unchanging Word. It will take a courageous people to face the onslaughts of the enemy. I trust that as the world of ungodly people observe the people of Woodcrest, they will acknowledge that they are indeed Courageous Christians!