The choir is singing a newer song this morning that speaks to the wonderful truth of God’s sovereign care and presence in the life of His children.  The text to the song is printed here so that you might not only listen to the music, but that you might have a copy of the words to have on hand for those times of deep despair or heartache.  Never forget, God is always with us and there will come a day when we will be with Him!

I am with you, says the Father;
Through the floods I calm and keep.
Though the swelling waves surround you,
I surround the waters deep.
Fear not, loved one; feel My presence.  You will never be alone.
Trust Me, loved one; you are precious.
You are Mine - My very own.

I am with you, says the Savior, even to the ages end.
Never leaving, nor forsaking, I’m your ever present Friend.
Fear not, loved one; hear My comfort:
None can pluck you from My hand.
Trust Me, loved one; I am constant:
None can changed what I have planned.

I am with you, says the Spirit, there is no-where you can flee.
Neither height nor depth can hide you, every place is home to Me.
Fear not, loved one, hear my witness,
You are God’s own child and heir.
Trust Me, loved one, hear My whisper,
Deep within you, I am here.

Come be with Me, says the Master,
Greeting hopeful, homesick eyes.
I was with you through your journey; be with Me in paradise.
Trust Me, loved one, know My promise;
I will surely, quickly come.
Trust Me, loved one, know My purpose,
I will bring you safely home.

Words by Chris Anderson
Music by Greg Habegger